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This past weekend, like many of you, I started getting the blood curdling password resets from a bunch of OpenSSL affected sites. I also got a few emails from sites indicating that I had nothing to worry about. Bad news, good news. Probably the biggest security story thus far for 2014 is Heartbleed, the OpenSSL vulnerability which potentially allows attackers to extract 64 kilobyte batches of memory at random without being noticed and leaving no trace. Sounds like the perfect crime.

Hey DNS - Find Me that Thing!

There’s a new craze occurring in homes, highways, workplaces and everywhere imaginable - the Internet of Things or as I like to call it, The Internet of Nouns. Sensors, thermostats, kitchen appliances, toilets and almost every person, place or thing will have a chip capable of connecting to the internet. And if you want to identify and find those things with recognizable words instead of a 128-bit IP address, you’re going to need DNS.

All the outtakes, mistakes and behind the scenes during our Interop 2014 video shoot. Always fun. Enjoy!

I wrap it up from Interop 2014. Special thanks to Ken Bocchino and Joe Wojcik for some Interop NOC goodness, thanks to Tim Wagner for some Synthesis love and thanks to Natasha, Greg, Paul and Jay for their camera work. And of course, thanks to you for watching. Reporting from Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Vegas.

We visit with Ken Bocchino and Joe Wojcik of F5 Professional Services again to get some insight on the network stats for the week. We talk DNS (50 million DNS lookups, half via BIG-IP recursion), SPDY and IPv6 along with a little insight on some of the overall traffic and the attack mitigation that occurred for the World’s Largest Temporary Network.

Synthesis in the Wild! Tim Wagner, Manager, Field Systems Engineering, shows how he whiteboards the F5 Synthesis story to help organizations understand the value of SDAS – Software Defined Application Services. He discusses SDN and how that works within a Layer 2/3 environment and the power of SDAS for Layers 4-7 with its ability to apply important services to the applications that need it…all on a single platform. Interesting discussion on how marketing visions translate into real customer solutions available today.

Principal Services Architect, Ken Bocchino and F5 Consultant Joe Wojcik visit to show and tell us how F5 is integral to the infrastructure – the world’s largest temporary network. Ken gives a brief whiteboard of the architecture, Joe talks about how we’ve enabled SPDY to help accelerate content to attendee’s browsers and we visit the equipment rack to hear the hum of the F5 2400s.

In a little twist for April 1, I welcome you to Interop 2014 with a fun Pop Up version of how to find F5 Booth 2227. Reporting from Mandalay Bay in Vegas!

A recent joint study from IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS) predicts that companies around the globe will spend around $491 billion in 2014 for fixes and recovery from data breaches and malware. The sponsor, Microsoft, also noted that pirated software tweaked with intent is a common method of getting inside. Consumers will likely spend $25 billion as a result of those security threats. $491 billion is a lot of change and in the spirit of Mobile Threats Rise 261% in Perspective, I wanted to know what else costs $491 billion.

Apparently, quite a few things!

I see and read a lot of IT articles almost demanding that organizations must do certain things to ensure that some piece of their infrastructure is secure, highly available, fault tolerant, agile, flexible, scalable, recoverable, cloud’able, whatever the silo needs or face the dire circumstances. I’m guilty of it too over the years. Organizations must have a WAF for PCI compliance or Remote employees need to have an encrypted tunnels to the corporate network or any other command pertaining to the health of your infrastructure.

The Internet of Things will soon become The Internet of Nouns

There are a few ‘The ______ of Our Lives’ out there: Days. Time. Moments. Love. They define who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going. And today, many of those days, times, moments and loves interact with applications. Both the apps we tap and the back end applications used to chronicle these events have become as much a part of our lives as the happenings themselves.

The app, Life.

If you are who you say you are.

I’ve been travelling the last few weeks shooting some videos for VMware PEX and RSA. When that happens, my browser tabs get crowded with the various stories I’m interested in but will read later. This time they all seemed to hover around Identity Theft. When I got home, in my awaiting physical mail was a letter from Target. I also returned something to a national hardware store and the cashier tried to crumple my credit-card-info-having receipt into a trash can. Kismet.

Let’s take a look…

Crazy that this is the 20th installment of the Outtakes. We shot 10 videos this week and often, it did not go as planned. Here are our mistakes, flubs and fun.

I wrap it up from RSA 2014. Special thanks to F5’ers Mark DiMinico, Joel Moses, Ken Bocchino, Bob Blair, Corey Marshall and Michael Koyfman along with Chris Thomas of CARFAX and Jeremiah Grossman of WhiteHat Security. Also thanks to Eric, Mark, Jay, Cecile and Natasha for their camera work! Reporting from San Francisco!

We are at it again! For the 4th year in a row, Jeremiah and I chat in our annual RSA video catch up. I get some interesting security insight from WhiteHat Security Founder & CEO Jeremiah Grossman. We touch on web vulnerabilities, mobile apps, why SQLi and XSS is still a problem for organizations, WhiteHat’s Aviator secure browser along with some business advice for those entrepreneurial technologists looking to jump start their start-ups. Always a fun and interesting conversation with Jer.